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Next Generation Features for Modern Web Development

Canvas - SVG
Audio - Video
Local Storage
New Input Types - Placeholder Text - Autofocus
New Structural Tags - Content Editable

AllianceTek is a pleasure to work with. They are very good at following instructions, and consistently build products to spec. They are quick with milestone deliveries and attentive to details. We will continue to work with their company and team on many more projects.

- Nicholas Catania
(Co-Founder & President)
Clifton, NJ

About HTML5

The next generation of modern web development is here and it’s time for your organization to take advantage of the new features and benefits HTML5 has to offer. With new database integration, CMS sites with dynamic pages, and canvas and video features, the advent of HTML5 will have a significant impact on the business world. Smart companies are already leveraging this technology to create competitive advantages in their industries.

AllianceTek can show you how embracing HTML5 can result in tangible benefits for your specific business or organization. We specialize in helping companies make a seamless transition to HTML5 without interrupting workflow or essential business functions.

Please use this site to learn more about HTML5 and how the new features and scripting elements can be applied to your organization.

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